A rainbow baby on the way (a baby conceived after a loss) is an extra-special pregnancy...so it deserves an extra-special pregnancy announcement—one that does justice to the hope and elation a rainbow baby brings! That’s why we love these thoughtful rainbow baby announcements.

Celebrate your joy with a rainbow baby announcement that will leave all your loved ones glowing. Whether you want to make a subtle rainbow baby announcement...or you want to announce your rainbow pregnancy in a big, bold, colourful way, we’ve found gorgeous inspiration to help you share your incredible news. Here, 21 beautiful rainbow baby announcements... (and if you'd like to carry this colourful theme into your rainbow baby's room, check out these rainbow nursery ideas!)

Rainbow Wrap Pregnancy Announcement 

Photo: AshLee Cano Photography

Wrap that belly up in love with a gorgeous rainbow scarf or blanket for a breathtakingly textured rainbow baby announcement that will invoke chills.

Share the Forecast Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @snugleebugknits 

This next season of life is looking a whole lot brighter! Have fun with your felt or wooden message board, or type out something cute to share the news that sunny skies and a rainbow are on the way. 

Colourful Confetti Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: Life Lately

Life’s a party and a baby only makes it better. How adorable and celebratory is this cute rainbow baby announcement, created simply with bright paper confetti and an ultrasound picture?

Read It & Weep Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @chaylissa

That moment when the only word you want to see is the one you get… priceless! Say it all with a shot of the pregnancy test and a sweet rainbow peeking out alongside or in the background.

Child’s Painting Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: Myrtle Beach Birth Photography

Get big siblings in on your rainbow baby announcement with a little bit of belly art. This is an easy and absolutely adorable way to share your special news.

Rainbow Balloons Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: Stacey Skrysack 

Balloons can symbolise so much—lightness, celebration, and of course: childhood! Spread word of your rainbow baby with a bunch of colourful balloons. These parents also used the opportunity to pay tribute to the babies that came before, for an especially memorable and meaningful pregnancy announcement.

Smoke Show Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: From Labor to Love

Colourful smoke bombs are having a moment, and even if you plan to set some off for your gender reveal too, consider a whole rainbow of smoke for the announcement of your little miracle on the way.

Oh-So-Sweet Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/OhMyCutenessShop

Sprinkle cookies make a delicious pregnancy treat, and a very pretty way to announce your rainbow baby coming soon. Follow the link for a delicious digital download you can add to your social media post. 

Inspiring Quote Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @by_rebecca_louise

Words of wisdom can encapsulate your journey and help inspire someone else who is on theirs. We love this meaningful rainbow baby announcement.

Digitally Enhanced Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @pursuitofrainbows

This lovely maternity shot is enhanced with the addition of a superimposed rainbow to add a special touch. Several iPhone apps including Bazaart offer this feature.

Simple Signage Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @pj.willis

This beautiful family kept their pregnancy announcement neutral and home-grown with a desaturated rainbow pennant and baby balloon to share their exciting news.

Jumping for Joy Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @patientlywaitingforhope

Hip, hip, hooray! There’s a baby on the way. Sometimes the most natural action that comes to mind is the best one, so go ahead and set up that self-timer for a joyful shot like this one to use for your rainbow baby announcement. 

Sky Glow Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @ashly_locklin

Light up the day with a gorgeous rainbow background that spreads your news far and wide.

Rainbow Baby Announcement Under an Umbrella

Photo: @bettertogetherphotowi

The symbolism of the umbrella is so special here; celebrate your rainbow baby on the way with a bright and cheerful sayonara to the storms that came before.

Fabulous Florals Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @hbridgette

A rainbow of tulips (or your preferred petals) creates a circle of love that never ends. These pretty blooms are a lovely way to announce your pregnancy after a loss.

Miracle on Board Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: Kelley Photo

Just try not to cry looking at this stunning rainbow rainbow baby announcement! The parent here painted the medical paraphernalia that aided the arrival of her little angel to create a truly magical newborn photo. This idea could be used as a pregnancy announcement with the sonogram photo placed where the baby is lying, on a little fluffy “cloud.”

Gorgeous Gown Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo & To Purchase: Miss Madison Photo Props

The best news ever deserves the perfect dress! Consider a breathtaking rainbow baby maternity dress to make your rainbow pregnancy announcement extra beautiful.

Happy Handprint Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: Junebug Photography 

A little bit of paint is all you need to create a cute handprint on your baby bump. Whether you use yours or your partner’s hand, it’s a special way to hold Baby tight while they’re still on the inside.

Homemade Art Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @mamababynutrition

No matter how you choose to deck out the space in rainbows, some handmade art is a meaningful way to share your news. 

Wearable Art Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @emmyrice 

So much joy! Decorate Mama with the help of tiny hands and create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt or dress in the process. These photos are a treasured way to announce a rainbow baby coming soon.

Chalk It Up Rainbow Baby Announcement

Photo: @hannahandrews_

Sidewalk chalk, an ultrasound picture, and a big sibling are all you need to make a darn cute rainbow baby announcement that all your friends and followers will be gushing over.

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