Pregnancy can be a glowing time…but it can also be incredibly uncomfortable. All that stretching and growing can throw ligaments and your center of gravity off. Finding ways to get exercise can be challenging, not every expecting parent feels up to running a 5K or lifting weights. Enter prenatal yoga.

From teaching breathing techniques to providing opportunities for bump-friendly stretching, prenatal yoga is about as perfect a form of exercise as you can get while working out for two. In addition to building strength and flexibility and relieving stress, a steady practice of prenatal yoga can help your body prepare for labour. 

Ready to downward dog in your living room? Here are eight online prenatal workout videos you do at home—for free! Just remember to consult your doctor before you start any new forms of exercise while pregnant, and to check in as your pregnancy progresses. 

First Trimester Hormones Prenatal Yoga Video 

This easy-to-follow 30-minute prenatal yoga workout video has the first-trimester mother in mind. It focuses on deep breathing and standing poses to help focus on the hormonal changes that can make the first trimester so uncomfortable. You will learn how to stretch safely and how to focus on breathing. 

Quick Prenatal Yoga Video 

If you’re looking to try a first-trimester-focused prenatal yoga workout but you don’t have time (or energy) to get through a full 30-minute routine then this might be the workout for you. This workout works primarily on hips and ends with a relaxing meditation sequence.

Prenatal Yoga for Morning Sickness 

Morning sickness can really cast a green shade on all that pregnancy glow, which is why we like this 20-minute prenatal yoga routine. The instructor does an excellent job at giving mums information on how to treat morning sickness through gentle home remedies like avoiding greasy foods or drinking ginger tea.

Prenatal Yoga Stretches for Every Trimester 

This quick 15-minute prenatal yoga workout will walk you through some very 101 yoga stretches that are perfectly geared toward expecting mums. You can use this routine when you first wake up or when you want to go to sleep as it helps to gently stretch and relax your body. 

Second Trimester Pregnancy Yoga Flow 

This easy to follow 30-minute prenatal yoga video will show you how to do a yoga flow, which is when you move from one movement to the next fluidly. It focuses on matching up breathing to body movements and keeps the health and comfort of a second trimester body in mind. This routine is a great low-impact workout to help keep you in shape but is not so difficult that you will be overwhelmed.

Second Trimester Strength and Stability Prenatal Yoga Workout 

Not all yoga workouts need to be about breathing and relaxing stretches. For those looking to blend a strength workout with yoga’s low-impact poses, then this prenatal workout is for you. In 30-minutes, this video will help you work your glutes, legs, and pelvic floor. 

Second Trimester Hip Opening Pregnancy Yoga 

Sometimes a lengthy prenatal yoga workout just isn’t in the cards. That’s where this 15-minute routine can be a huge help! It focuses on opening the hips to help strengthen and maybe even alleviate some discomfort.

Pelvic Floor and Core Strength Prenatal Yoga Workout 

In 30 minutes, this prenatal yoga video will help you build up your core and pelvic strength while focusing on your breathing. This is important because during labour and delivery, knowing how to connect your breathing to your body can be enormously useful. 

Third Trimester Prenatal Yoga

By the time you get to the third trimester, you might feel like a very achy and bloated version of your former self. This 30-minute routine can help alleviate some of those aches while helping you relax and build strength.

Prenatal Yoga for Back and Pelvic Pain

As your body grows during pregnancy, it puts a lot of stress on your pelvic floor and lower back. For those who experience the discomfort of pelvic and lower back pain, simple breathing and stretching can do wonders. In under 10 minutes, this prenatal workout walks yogis through seven gentle stretches that are safe for every trimester.

Prenatal Yoga for Better Sleep

Sleep can become incredibly uncomfortable during pregnancy especially in the third trimester. If you’re not getting up to pee in the middle of the night then you’re probably tossing and turning in hopes of finding any position that is comfortable. This super quick video will show you some effective stretches that will relax your body and mind that you can try in your bed, right before you go to sleep. 

Want more prenatal exercise ideas? Try these pregnancy workouts! 

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