Are you wondering what you can do to help take care of your pregnant partner? Obviously, moms have to carry most of the weight when it comes to pregnancy—both literally and figuratively—but there are things that partners can do to make the load a little lighter and help take care of the pregnant mamas in their lives.  

  1. Read Pregnancy + Parenting Books

    When you read the books, you’ll be more prepared…which will help Mom feel calmer and more confident! Even though you can’t carry the baby for her, you can be an active partner who participates. 

  2. Help Her Enjoy Her Favorite Activities

    Once the baby comes, life is going to get a lot more hectic. Make sure the mama-to-be has some serious R & R and gets to spend her time how she wants—whether that’s going to a yoga class, getting an extra-long pedicure or binging Netflix. 

  3. Be Her Sounding Board

    Her body is undergoing a crazy amount of changes from fluctuating hormones to weight gain to peeing every five minutes. It’s a lot to handle, so make sure she knows she has a reliable partner to lend an ear. 

  4. Help Her Nest

    During her pregnancy, she may be struck by the need to clean and organize (commonly referred to as nesting) the entire house in preparation for baby’s arrival. If she wants to let you in on the action, take her directions and carry out her orders. She wants everything to be perfect before baby gets here—make sure you do your part to help.

  5. Be the Point of Contact

    Agree on a list of friends and family to text or email when the baby is born. You’ll both be very busy when your baby arrives—and want to enjoy every moment—so get this prepared ahead of time!

    The message can be as simple as: “Mom & baby are doing well! We’re taking time to bond as a family so we’ll be away from our phones for a while!”

    Don’t feel pressure to keep up with the congratulations text messages and phone calls. This is such a special moment in your family’s life—take the time to bask in it.


    What is your favorite thing your partner did/does while pregnant? Tell us in the comments.

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