Happy Valentine’s Day, parents. Turned on, yet?

We’re here to help you out, because we just Googled “sex tips for parents,” and the top suggestion out there is to have appointment sex. Can you think of anything less sexy than that?

C’mon millennial parents, we’re not ones to settle…

One of the most interesting differences between millennials and other generations is our strong commitment to self-care. Taking time to meditate, do yoga, walk outdoors, unplug…these are just a few of the daily rituals that help us balance work, life and motherhood. And, it’s through self-care that we’ll find our way to a better sex life, too.

“It's a relatively new idea in our culture that we would be paying attention to how we feel and using that as a kind of intelligence,” explained self-care mentor Gracy Obuchowicz, in a recent NPR article. “It's something that's really waking up in our culture and our generation."

When you’re a parent, how good you feel is so tightly connected to how you’re sleeping. And the same goes for how much sex you’re having.

Studies dating back have to the 1950’s (by famed sexpert Dr. Alfred Kinsey) have shown through shown a strong link between improved sleep and stronger sexual desire. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that when added a full hour of sleep to their night that had a 14% better chance of having sex with a partner the next day!

Going for it in bed is a sure way to make your one-and-only feel loved and desired. That’s a great thing, in and of itself. As it turns out, having an active sex life is also an awesome way to practice self-care.

Regular sex helps keep your heart healthy, your weight in check, your immune system strong, your skin glowing and your mood brighter. Sex releases brain chemicals associated with positive feelings—dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin (adorably known as the “cuddle hormone”). Once you get back on the saddle, a virtuous cycle kicks in: Better sleep leads to more sex, and more sex helps you sleep more soundly…and you start feeling better in so many ways…about so many things.

But seriously, moms don’t want expensive jewelry or boxes of candy for Valentine’s day, we just want to sleep and have more time—and energy—to be our intimate, sexy selves.

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