Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and instead of getting your mom/wife/partner another bouquet or brunch, this year, you can give her what she REALLY wants. That’s because we went and asked her!

Happiest Baby surveyed over 240 moms on what they really desire for Mother’s Day (and what they feel just “meh” about, too). The results may surprise you:

Sleep for the Win!

The #1 one thing moms want for M’s Day is sleep. A whopping 52% of survey moms told us “yes please, more sleep!”

Of course, this doesn’t come as a great surprise. We recently polled over 1000 new moms, and 90% said they feel tired or exhausted on most days. That’s a lot of yawning mamas! (And, exhaustion leads to less energy to do meet your family’s needs, more car accidents…and even a harder time maintaining a healthy weight.)

Next to sleep (and not so far afield), moms just want to relax or have fun. Having a spa day came in second (44%) in our survey and a great day out with family (43%) scored third place.

A Window into the Mind of Mom

In addition to selecting from a list of Mother’s Day activities in our survey, participants described their ideal day…and said they would let us email their dream day to the person planning their festivities. Over 50% took us up on it! (Which tells us...they really want you to know!) Here’s a sampling of what these moms said they want: 

Sleeping in, having the house to myself for a good chunk of the day and then having a fun low-key evening with family.

For my baby to sleep through all naps, on schedule...and for my hubby to take over 1 day. That's all I'm asking for!
Sleep in. Get coffee in bed. Ride bikes to the park and picnic. BBQ at home for dinner. Not do any dishes—not one.

While we didn’t present this specific choice, “having dads step it up” was a very popular write-in. So, guys…take initiative on Sunday!

Diamonds Are NOT a Mom’s Best Friend...

Well, at least not on Mother’s Day. Jewelry ranked the lowest of all the gift ideas—only 6% of moms said it’s what they want, and 47% told us they feel “meh” about it. 

Other stuff that makes mom shrug? An M’s Day shopping spree or romantic dinner come up next on our meh-o-meter. And the old favorite, breakfast in bed, really seems to be just OLD favorite (29% of surveyed moms report feeling lukewarm about it).

Go Ahead, Make Mom Happy

You can shell out a couple of C-notes on a spa day—but chances are she’ll just be catching some zzz’s on the massage table, anyway. Of course, that’s good, but she's made it pretty clear that she’d just love lounging in bed.

So, this Mother’s Day, think about giving that special woman what she really wants: A little downtime and…the gift of sleep!


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