Whether you’re looking for parenting tips, mama-to-mama real talk, fashion advice, décor ideas, DIY how-tos, or tasty recipes, these Latinx influencers are serving up major inspo. 

María Sierra

María—aka La Cooquette—has a passion for food…and it comes through loud and clear in her videos! The YouTube star has racked up more than a million subscribers whipping up mouth-watering recipes for everything from “brookies” (that’s brownie + cookie…drooling yet?) to oxtail croquettes. She’s the mum to a toddler and a baby who was born during the pandemic!

Bricia Lopez

It’s fitting that one of Bricia’s ventures is called “Super Mamas” because as a restaurant-owner, company-founder, cookbook author, podcast host, and mum she certainly must possess some kind of actual super powers!

Natalie Alcala

The CEO and founder of Fashion Mamas, a members-only network for mums who work in fashion, art, media, and entertainment, is on a mission to lift up and support fellow mothers. She’s an energising follow for fellow entrepreneurial mums who are figuring out how to balance it all.   

Fernanda Romero

This multi-hyphenate mama’s titles include CEO, actress, model, and pop-star. As you scroll through her sun-drenched photos, you’ll find tons of beauty and style inspo.

Conz Preti

This writer, editor, and mum of three (which includes twin baby girls!), keeps it real. She doesn’t sugar-coat the very relatable challenges she faces, and she also serves up some amazing product recs for parents and kiddos (you can also find plenty of her real-talk in her book, Too Pregnant to Move: A Pregnancy Journal).

Juli Williams

A Montessori and minimalist mama, Juli’s Instagram and YouTube accounts are chock-full of practical tips (often illustrated with beautifully simple videos) for homeschooling, Montessori learning, and minimalist parenting. 

Montessori Madre

Parents can learn what Montessori looks like IRL through the adventures of this mama’s toddler Papa. Her detailed captions explain the benefits of various activities, tools, and toys in a way that’s both inviting and accessible. 

The Whole Child Home

Blanca, the mum at the helm of this idea-filled Instagram account, is a licensed counselor and early intervention specialist. She’s got a wealth of tips for developmentally-appropriate Montessori learning—and integrates aspects of her own bilingual, bicultural home! 

Jay Miranda

Who couldn’t use a little pop of pink? Jay’s cheerful online presence is a bright spot (and it’s not just because of her vibrant colour palette), she covers fashion from a plus-size perspective, posting pics of enviable wardrobe on Instagram, and sharing more details about her outfits (and live as a mum!) on her blog.

Karim Jones

This mum of four shares her family’s day-to-day life through lovely photos and honest captions. You can catch up on her life at Dreams in Spanglish.

Graciela Raquel Gauna

This Dutch-Argentinian stylist’s pared down aesthetic packs a big punch. If minimalism is your jam, there’s lots to crib from her clean, bright kids’ room décor.

Lilly Jimenez

If an Instagram account was ever a party personified, it’s The Creative Heart Studio. Lilly, who you may recognise from NBC’s Making It, is a balloon genius. She crafts eye-popping balloon mosaics (the perfect inspo for your next celebration) that you can learn to make, too with one of her kits or online classes.

Claudya Martinez

On her blog, Claudya shares anecdotes about her life, as well as recipes and DIY tips…all with a hearty side of humor!

Ana Flores

This entrepreneur/activist has an impressive resume and a long history of supporting Latinas (she’s the founder of We All Grow Latina and SpanglishBaby and author of Bilingual Is Better…just to name a few accomplishments!). And she’s also the mum to a 13-year-old!

Crafted by Christine

If Christine doesn’t inspire you to bust out the craft glue…we don’t know what will! This mama shares all sorts of DIYs while giving you a glimpse at her life with her daughters.

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