Sometimes fatherhood is hard and sometimes fatherhood is fun…and other times it’s just laugh-out-loud funny. We asked dads about their funniest moments as fathers. Check out their responses:

  • “When I walked in on our son sitting in the toilet water as it was a jacuzzi and him looking at me like I was the crazy one.” – Stratton E.

  • “The first time our kid repeated a swear word.” – Kevin M.

  • “I thought it was time to have an intro to the “birds and bees” talk with my 8 year old. Boy did I look like an idiot, when my son actually knew more about the human anatomy than me and the process of reproduction. His exact words, ‘Dad, I’m 8 and I’m on my second girlfriend, we don’t have sex and won’t until later in life so relax with the sex talk, I get it. I’m going to be in the gifted program next year in 4th grade so I understand you don’t have to tell me about this stuff’. Needless to say that I will now use the 8-year-old to have the “talk” with my 6-year-old when the time comes…” – Nick B.

  • “I love it when I cuss like a sailor but they never repeat my words and then Mom will say sh** and they say it nonstop.” – Jon S.

  •  “Anna makes me laugh every day, but one time when she was 8 months old, after she woke up from her nap, she was talking to herself nonstop. I opened the door and she stopped making noises. I went to pick her up and she was still quiet until I turned her towards me. Through a smile she let out a deep zombie growl and immediately started laughing with me.” – Chris H.

  • “When he was still sleeping in our room in the SNOO and we would just hear all his loud farts in his sleep.” – Zac I.

  • “Otis was only a week old and we were getting him ready for his first bath at home.  We took off his clothes and diaper before the bath was fully ready (big mistake).  I held his tiny naked body in my arms as we prepared the water and of course he starting pooping everywhere.  It got all over me, the counter, the floor, everywhere.  The only thing to do in that situation was laugh it off.” – Blake L. 

What's been the funniest moment of your fatherhood journey? Share it with us in the comments!

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