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Your little slugger is coming soon, and a sports-themed nursery is such a cute way to deck out their space. Whether you’re sticking with one sport or going for a full roster, any tiny athlete will appreciate growing up in a bedroom that’s decked out in cute, sporty details. Here are some fun sports nursery ideas to help you knock it out of the park!

Sports Nursery Shelving

Photo & To Purchase: Hobby Lobby

This glove shelf is a must-have for a baseball-themed nursery. It’s utilitarian and super cute; plus you can’t beat the price!

Sports Nursery Baller Bedding

Photo & To Purchase: Baby Bedding 

A football cot sheet is a definite “yes” for the sports-themed nursery, and this design is soft and adorable with a watercolour effect that makes it the perfect aesthetic for Baby.

Basketball Hoop Nursery Addition

Photo: Craft Cuts 

Why not? Adding an actual hoop (and maybe some themed flooring like these parents did) is pure fun. The basketball-themed minky throw blanket is also great.  

Sports Nursery Score Signage

Photo: Glamour

The scoreboard makes magnificent custom art above the nursery and can be added to with personal elements like Baby’s name and birth date to create something truly unique.

Modern Sports Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery  

A blend of modern prints and textures in this little guy’s room make the sports nursery theme apparent but not overwhelming. The hanging base-, basket-, and footballs, framed closeup shots of the balls, and a mix of geometrics earn extra points for style.  

Team Pride Sports Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery  

If there’s one specific team that means the most to your family, consider building a baby room in their colours and incorporating the associated logo. This New York Yankees room is a great example.  

Sports Nursery With Creative Details

Photo: Project Nursery

This cute baseball room has lots of personal touches, and one of our favourites is how the parents created floating baseballs out of simple paper lanterns. 

Sports Nursery Baseball Bins

Photo & To Purchase: Bed Bath & Beyond

We love a themed bin; babies require so much stuff, and keeping it organised and up off the floor is a must. These cute baseball-printed storage bins are perfect for the sports-themed nursery. (See more nursery storage ideas!) 

Collegiate Cool Sports Nursery

Photo: The Hamby Home

For a different effect, a vintage collegiate theme is a very cool avenue to explore. From the old-school pennant to the football patent prints, every detail of this sports theme nursery is carefully thought out and totally adorable for Baby. 

Rustic Sports Nursery

Photo: Life Fashion Fun 

It’s another take on the vintage look for the sports nursery. With muted colours, rustic details, and distressed wood, everything comes together. (See more farmhouse nursery ideas!)

Sports-Theme Nursery Pennants

Photo & To Purchase: Embellishments Studio

Felt pennants are classic americana for the sports fan, and they work perfectly as themed decor for the baby room. We love this subtle and sweet collection with a variety of phrase options.

Sports-Themed Nursery Letter Art

Photo & How-To: As the Bunny Hops

How cute are these sports themed letters to spell out Baby’s name or a special phrase? If you’re up for a little DIY project for Baby’s room, we love this idea! And it seems simple enough to do… which is a big plus for expectant parents who already have enough on their plates.

Sports Nursery Name Signs

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/TheWoodshopHandcut

Round wooden name signs are a current nursery trend; this sports-themed one is perfect for your tot’s room!

Sports Nursery Birth Stats Ball

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/EngravingForYou

Another personal touch to consider; a baseball (or your ball of choice) etched with Baby’s name and birth stats is a sweet way to treasure those memories forever.  

Sports Nursery Glove Night Light

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/MirrorMagicGifts 

When your tiny sports fan reaches the toddler years, a night light is going to be important to help quiet nighttime fears. This sports-geared nightlight from Etsy is a cute choice for the baseball-themed nursery!

Sports Nursery Cot Mobile

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/SweetBeesShoppe 

Give your little guy or gal something cool to look at; a baseball theme cot mobile adds interest and charm.

Sports Nursery Personalised Blanket

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/DashingFoxCo

Play ball! Encourage your little slugger with a cosy personalised blanket that will serve him well through the snuggly baby days, on into toddlerhood, and beyond.

Sports Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & To Purchase: Spoonflower 

Monochrome hockey pucks and sticks make for a chic sports nursery wallpaper that would work just as well on an accent wall or throughout the space.

Beyond Sports Nursery Ideas…

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