Many parents think that crying is the only way babies communicate, but you’ll learn a lot by watching your newborn’s body language. You’ll be amazed by the repertoire of gestures or cues the newest member of your family has to help you understand her needs. For example:

Is your baby opening his mouth or putting his hand up to his lips?

This could be early hunger.

Is she rubbing her eyes or staring out with glassy eyes?

This usually means fatigue.

Does he hiccup or look away from you when your face is close to his?

This could be a sign that he feels a bit overstimulated.

Is she grimacing, grunting and bearing down a lot?

Could be she needs to poop or feels the food making its way through her intestines.

Fortunately, even a baby’s most terrible shrieks are usually more a sign of spirited impatience and a “short fuse,” rather than true pain. (Is anyone in the close family very spirited and impatient?)

If the yelps persist even after you give a feeding, change the diaper and give a cuddle, your doctor may start to wonder if your baby has colic…but maybe she only needs the 5 S’s!


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