Winter may be coming, but the babies born in June are bright little lights. Here are just a few facts that make your June baby’s birth month super special. 

Your June babys zodiac sign will be Gemini or Cancer.  

Babies born before June 22nd will be Geminis—a sign represented by the Twins. Little ones who make their debut June 22nd or later will be Cancers (aka the Crab). 

More About Your Gemini June Baby

Geminis thought to be chatty, charismatic, witty…but indecisive. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini's whims can be, well, mercurial! That means your Gemini June baby may have lots of interests that start strong and fizzle fast! Geminis also have a way with words that they can use to charm just about anyone (fair warning that your Gemini babe will have a knack for talking their way in and out of situations!). 

More About Your Cancer June Baby

Cancers are believed to be nurturing, empathetic, intuitive…but sometimes a little bit (you guessed it) crabby. A Cancer baby's moods can wax and wane just as the moon—its ruling planet—does. This sign rules home life, so don't be surprised if your crab baby likes to stick close to the nest.

June babies have three birthstones to choose from.

No worries if your June baby is an indecisive Gemini, they’ve got lots of options…at least when it comes to which birthstone to rock! June is one of just three months that boast a whopping three birthstones. June is represented by the demure pearl, the iridescent moonstone, and the color-changing alexandrite. 

June babies’ birth flowers are classics.

June is represented by two flowers: the rose (doesn’t get much more timeless than that signature red bud, does it?) and honeysuckle. Roses signify romance, while honey suckle stands for happiness. 

Your June baby could reach great heights.

A British study found that babies born in June tend to be big…and grow into tall adults.  But even if your June baby isn’t someone to look up to literally, they could be someone to look up to figuratively 

Your June baby could be on the path toward a Nobel Prize.

Your brilliant baby might have some pretty cool hardware to show for their genius! An analysis of Nobel Laureates found that a surprisingly high number of winners were born in June.

Even if they don’t win a Nobel Prize, June babies are still in pretty impressive company!

Need more proof that June babies are born to shine? Celebs that share this birth month include Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Anderson Cooper, Kanye West, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ariana Grande. 

Did your June baby arrive early or late?

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