Dressing a baby up for their first Halloween is one of the earliest and most adorable milestones of parenthood. The cutest newborn and baby Halloween costumes run the gamut from characters and everyday objects to punny takes on idioms and pop culture references...and everything in between.

But no matter what you choose for your baby’s Halloween costume, be sure to relish the experience of picking out your baby’s first Halloween costume while you can! In the years following your baby’s first Halloween, your tyke will develop some strong opinions about their trick-or-treat ensemble. So for now, enjoy dreaming up your baby’s Halloween costume with these fun ideas… 

Baby Shark Funny Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @evie.sophia 

Okay, this might be one of the most hilarious and painfully real baby Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. Lots of breastfeeding mamas can relate!

Snow White Baby Halloween Costume (with Bonus Dwarf Parents)

Photo: @luna_lamb19

Family Halloween themes are always a fun idea, especially when you have a new baby around. This mum and dad made it work with an iconic Disney movie; take their lead for an easy and super cute DIY halloween baby costume idea the whole family can get in on.  

Baby, M.D. Halloween Costume

Photo: @thefamily_diary

Miniature scrubs and a doctor’s bag will do it for this tiny infant doctor costume that is absolutely perfect for Baby’s first Halloween.

Think Tink for Your Baby Girl’s First Halloween Costume

Photo: @dayleythreads

Got a sassy baby girl on your hands? Reach outside the princess dress for your Disney Halloween baby costume: Tinker Bell. And it’s pretty easy to throw together with a green leotard or onesie and some felt pieces in a pinch!

Cutest Pumpkin Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @sloaneryan_ 

You can’t go wrong with the classics! Your little pumpkin will look absolutely adorable dressed up as one for their first Halloween costume. 

Little Duckling Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @cmg4999

Make way for one adorable duckling! A baby duck costume is precious for a newborn’s first Halloween costume...or for as long as you can get away with picking out your kiddo’s Halloween duds.

Marshmallow Man Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @adventureswithmylittle 

Baby cheeks lend easily to the role of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from ‘80s blockbuster Ghostbusters. Whether or not the rest of the fam is dressing up in turn, this is such a cute baby Halloween costume idea.

Up and Away Disney Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @being.the.brothers

If you haven’t watched Disney’s Up yet, now is the time to take care of that. Break out the tissues while you’re popping your popcorn, and get ready to be inspired for one of the most epic sibling Halloween costumes ever. (P.S. This balloon house stroller situation is totally doable even if Baby is not a younger sibling!)

Baby Yoda Halloween Costume

Photo: @kinda_domesticated 

When Baby Yoda made his debut, the world unleashed a collective awww. And now’s your chance to up that adorable factor by dressing your child up as the Mandalorian breakout star.

Little Lion Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @meghanbyce

Lions, and cuddles, and babes—oh, my! A baby lion costume is such a sweet choice for your little one, whether they’re in the sleeping newborn stage or ready to sit up and ROAR!

Incredibles Disney Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @dr.audreyxsue 

More Disney baby costume inspo, because these movies just deliver! The Incredibles is a great family costume idea, whether there are older siblings in the picture or just the parents.

Sib’s Sidekick Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @autumnmeadowco

The absolute easiest Halloween costume for any new baby who has an older brother or sister? A quotable onesie that correlates with Big Sibling’s costume. Boom. Life with two isn’t easy in the early days, but this simple trick could make Halloween a real treat!

Let’s Flamingle Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @xolovecaro 

Your little chick will look absolutely adorable in pink feathers and wings. A baby flamingo costume is a precious choice for your baby’s first Halloween costume.  

Astronaut Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @anurbangirlblogs

The astronaut costume is a childhood classic that is not going out of style anytime soon. On the tiniest member of the family, it’s absolutely perfect.

Avo-Cute-Oh Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @hanlovespinkkk

Maybe you’ve seen those adorable pregnant women dressed as avocados for Halloween; did it ever occur that your baby might be able to carry on the tradition? Everyone loves avocados, especially ones this cute.

Sushi Baby’s First Halloween Outfit

Photo: @cici.w

Maybe your favourite sushi dishes are traditionally savoury, but this one is perfectly sweet. Hint: Mum or Dad as soy sauce is an epic addition.  

Baby-ccino Halloween Costume Idea

Photo: @lexieloveesyouu 

Your favourite Starbucks date could get a pretty special makeover for his or her first Halloween costume. The logo onesie and whipped cream bow or hat are easy DIY’s that make the day extra special.  

Bathing Beauty Baby Halloween Costume Idea

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/ChrochetCreationsbyMa 

Babies dressed as archetypal adult personalities never fail to entertain and delight. This poolside cutie with her robe and sunnies is getting all the heart eyes thanks to the knit cap featuring old school diva-like rollers.

Cowboy Cutie Baby Halloween Costume

Photo: @parasskarisma 

This town ain't big enough for the cuteness! Dress your little dude or dudette in faux chaps and a hat for a total hit on the trick-or-treat scene.  

Cotton Candy Baby Halloween Costume

Photo & How-To: Style Me Pretty 

Fluffy, dreamy, and sweet as can be! This DIY costume for Baby’s first Halloween is a must-try if you have a sweet tooth.

More Inspiration for Baby’s First Halloween Costume... 

Your baby’s first Halloween is a special occasion. Make it a memorable one with these Halloween costume ideas...or adapt one of these equally adorable toddler Halloween costume ideas!

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