Preparing to welcome a new baby into the family is such a special journey…and if this is not your first go-round, that journey now extends to your soon-to-be oldest child! Toddlers and young children likely have lots of questions about the new baby on the way, but they might not always be able to express their concerns (or insecurities)—and that is okay! 

One great way to help your 'big' kid process any doubts, fears, and yes, excitement, over a new sibling's arrival is through books. Some books answer their big questions in age-appropriate ways. Others focus on the special bond siblings share. Still more are designed to remind Big Brother or Big Sister just how important and loved they are. No matter what big sibling book you are looking for, your new favourite is sure to be on our list!

I am a Big Sister / I am a Big Brother

Written by Joanna Cole, illustrated by Rosalind Kitely

There are lots of books with similar titles…and so many of them are adorable. But this one in particular has spirit and flair that soon-to-be older siblings really take a shine to. These bright and fun books detail all the special new things that your oldest will be doing in their brand-new role as big sister or big brother. At the same time, they remind your kid what is special about not being a baby anymore—like getting to eat pizza!

You Were the First

Written by Patricia MacLachlan, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin

Grab the tissues, because this one is going to take you on a wildly nostalgic ride! You Were the First revisits the days when it was just you and your oldest, reaching each milestone together. With simple words and gorgeous illustrations, this big-sibling book truly focuses on your firstborn as a person, not their transition to becoming an older sibling. Bonus: Since this book does not focus on pregnancy, it is perfect for all families. 

The New Baby

Written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer

An oldie but a goodie! Mercer Mayer’s beloved Little Critter is here…and so is his brand-new baby sister. Throughout the pages, you and your toddler can watch—and giggle—as Big Bro tries out many different activities he can do with his little sister. Sure, Little Critter gets bummed that his new sister cannot do everything he wants, but it will warm your heart to learn what the pair can do together.

Hello In There! (A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting)

Written by Jo Witek, illustrated by Christine Roussey

Got an antsy big sister or big brother on your hands who just cannot wait to meet their sibling? They will love this fun and whimsical flip-the-flap book with its charming and scraggly, child-like illustrations. Here, the eager main character details all the fun things she looks forward to sharing with the new baby. This joyous and interactive tale will surely spark excitement in your household! 

There’s Going to Be a Baby

Written by John Burningham, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Despite being only a decade old, There’s Going to be a Baby has a wonderfully vintage vibe that is easy to swoon over. (Those mod illustrations!) But the wonder of this book goes beyond the lovely pictures. It is the spirited tale of an inquisitive little boy who has lots and lots of questions about the baby-to-be—and about becoming an older sibling. There is excitement, curiosity, and a dash of apprehension in this gem of book that is just perfect for an older sibling-to-be.

Babies Don’t Eat Pizza: A Big Kids’ Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters

Written by Dianne Danzig, illustrated by Debbie Tilley

Straightforward and reassuring, this fabulous book is written by a mum and nurse who has taught sibling prep classes. In short: She knows what she is doing! Babies Don’t Eat Pizza is not a quick picture book read. Instead, it is something to be returned to time and again, as it is an honest and funny look at how babies are born, how they grow, and how they behave. The best part: Topics like adoption, special needs babies, breast and bottle feeding are covered in a kid-friendly way, which encourages lots of important family discussions. 

It’s Big Brother Time! / Its Big Sister Time!

Written by Nandini Ahuja, illustrated by Catalina Echeverri

Sweet and relatable, Nandini Ahuja’s charming picture book features the multiethnic and multigenerational family of a brand-new big brother. Through his eyes, readers enjoy a classic and heartwarming story of an older sibling learning to love the newest member of the family…by showing them the ropes, of course.

God Gave Us Two

Written by Lisa Tawn Bergren, illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

If you and your firstborn read and loved the best-selling God Gave Us You, you will equally cherish the sequel, God Gave Us Two. Here, Mama and Papa Bear are back to remind your (big) baby cub that they are still special and still adored, even with a new sibling on the way. Spoiler alert: Mama Bear is actually having twins, making this a great book for those expecting multiples!

Little Big Girl

Written and illustrated by Claire Keane

A lot of so-you are-going-to-be-a-sibling books explore the worries and fears of big kids, but this delightful read is all about the wonder of it all. Matisse is a little girl who feels small in her big, exciting world…that is, until she meets her baby brother. Compared to the new guy, she is positively grown up! An adorable book with retro-inspired illustrations, Little Big Girl does a beautiful job highlighting all the Big Kid things a newly minted older sibling can teach the newbie. 

A New Sibling for You

By Wonderbly 

If these off-the-shelf children’s books are not quite hitting the spot, consider a customisable read for your older kid. With A New Sibling for You, you get more than a simple and sweet rhyming story about becoming a brother or sister. Here, you choose one of six characters that most looks like your big kid, plus their name appears on the cover, throughout the story, and in the illustrations. You can customise the new baby and add a personal dedication, too, making this a super-special book to treasure!

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