G and I are often overwhelmed by the generosity of others. We acknowledge that we’re very blessed to be in a position where people reach out to us wanting to share their product and it’s something that we’re truly grateful for and never want to take for granted. In saying that we’re also very selective about who and what we align ourselves with as we want to make sure that we’re genuine to you guys and that we remain authentic to ourselves. We’ve never been a fan of just posting for free stuff if we don’t genuinely love and believe in it. This brings me to the SNOO and something I genuinely want to post about. So impressive and certainly a product that I would highly recommend to parents who are shopping around for their bubbas at the moment. The SNOO is the worlds first smart sleeper that boosts a baby’s sleep by imitating the rhythmic sensations babies enjoy while in the womb. It comes with a swaddle that securely attaches to the sleeper to prevent rolling over, guaranteeing baby stays on its back, if used correctly. This has been amazing for our peace of mind as Levi would always sleep with his legs tucked up and of course gravity would take him to his side. The SNOO comes with a combination of motion (swinging) and sound (white noise) for if you choose to have that extra something to help settle bubs. It’s also made from mesh fabric allowing cross ventilation & better air circulation. It also means that we can see Levi through the mesh and that he can see us! Thank you so much @happiest_baby this has been a real blessing! #SNOOnation #happiestbaby

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