Mother’s Day will undoubtedly be a whole new experience this year with most of the country still under safer-at-home-orders. Even in places where restrictions are being eased, getting out for a mimosas and brunch probably won’t be happening any time soon. But that doesn’t mean that mums can’t still have some fun and get what they really want. Don’t worry, we’ve got a line-up of fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make the mum in your life feel truly appreciated. Because let’s be honest, no one needs another World’s Best Mum mug.

Let her bathe in peace. Every mum just wants to shower or bathe alone without kids coming in every five seconds to ask for help (or to complain). This year, give mum some fabulous bath bombs, sheet masks, a great book or magazine, and a glass of rosé. Queue up her favorite tunes, and then close the door and let mum melt in the tub—uninterrupted…even if it means you have to play bathroom bouncer for an hour.

Brew her coffee…and make sure gets to enjoy it while it’s HOT.  Hot coffee is something that most people take for granted…and then once you become a parent, it becomes one of life’s most elusive luxuries. So, let mum have an actually hot cup (or three) of coffee. This might mean you have to wrap your French Press in a towel to keep it warm and then follow Mum around to make sure her cup stays hot and full…whatever it takes!

Load the dishwasher correctly. And by “correctly” we mean the way Mum does it. But do it the first time, without her having to remind you where the bowls go or that silverware can’t be upside down and with pasta still stuck to it. When the load is done, simply open the dishwasher and then take everything out and put it away.

Let her sleep in…even if sleeping past 6 a.m. qualifies as “sleeping in” these days, let Mama get as many as those morning ZZZ’s as possible! (One way to give Mum the gift of sleep for Mother's Day? Treat her to a SNOO—the only baby bed that boosts sleep by 1-2 hours a night!)

Treat her to a diaper-free day. One thing to make a mum’s special day a little less crappy? A little less crap (literally)! Let Mum delegate the pleasure of wiping up every blowout…for at least 24 hours.

Give her the house to herself. The thing about being a mum, is that you’re never really alone again. This is one of the biggest perks of motherhood…but it does get exhausting. Under normal circumstances, Mama’s opportunities to have the house to herself might be few-and-far-between, but having been cooped-up for the past several weeks, she’ll REALLY appreciate the pin-drop quiet of an empty home this weekend…even if it’s only for 30 minutes.

Tell her she’s right about everything. This requires zero explanation—and doesn’t cost a dime!

Order takeout for dinner. It should go without saying that Mum should not have to cook on her special day! But if you don’t feel like firing up the oven either, surprise her with take-out dishes from her favorite eatery. Dress up the table with a table cloth, some lovely flowers if you can find some outside, and serve take out on plates with silverware. Mum will love it! (Bonus: Nobody has to be on dish-duty!)

Plan a Netflix binge with game-day snacks. You know what’s better than binging on Netflix? Binging on Netflix with a coffee table covered in game-day-style eats. We’re talking chips and dips and sliders galore. Why not? Think of this as brunch, but in the afternoon and without having to wear pants in public. Pajamas are mandatory here.

Show her some TikTok love. Sure, TikTok is largely a young-person’s game, but lately mums seem to be taking over the platform. If the mum in your life has gotten on board, then definitely make her feel famous by showing her account some TLC. Are her Savage Challenge moves the slickest? Maybe not, but you can still make her feel like a star! Even better, maybe learn a dance together…it’ll be a Mother’s Day memory she’ll never forget.

Do the darn laundry. Trust us. Just do it. All of it. (That includes folding it and putting it away!)

Make time for a family cuddle sesh. Kids make life louder and messier and crazier…but so much more joyful. And there’s probably not a mum alive who doesn’t feel like life with her little ones is zipping by WAY too fast. So, let Mama milk some sweet moments with her kiddos while they’re still small enough to all curl up together in one spot. Happy Mother’s Day!

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