It can be difficult to watch the new mother in your life struggle with her breastfeeding journey. She may be experiencing a lack of milk production, latching issues or just the sheer demand on her body can send her over the edge. Even though you can’t do the hardest work for her, there are things you can do to make the process a little bit easier.

  1. Sign Up for a Breastfeeding Class

Encourage her to take a breastfeeding class or make an appointment with a lactation consultant before baby comes! She will be more confident about the challenges that may lay ahead, and feel better prepared when they do happen.

    1. Set Up a Special “Breastfeeding Corner”

    Include all the things she’ll need while breastfeeding: rocking chair, table, breastfeeding pillow, phone charger, water cup, snacks (she’ll be very hungry from all the calories burned!) and her favorite book or Kindle. She’s going to be spending a lot of time there, so make it as comfortable as possible.

    1. Make a “Breastfeeding Basket”

    Fill it with essentials that she can move from room to room. Items she’ll benefit from are nursing pads, burp cloths, tissues, nipple cream and more snacks! That way, she isn’t scrambling around during feeding times.  

    1. Make Mom Meals with Foods that Boost Milk Production

    Foods like oatmeal, brewer’s yeast, vegetables, almonds, and sesame seeds have been shown to increase breastmilk production. That way, you’re feeding her and helping her feed the baby all at once. 

    1. Step it Up When it Comes to Household Duties

    Mom has a lot on her plate keeping up with hourly feedings. Another good option during the first few months is hiring a cleaning person to come once a month to do most of the deep cleaning. 

    1. Keep Her Company

    You might not be able to feed the baby, but it doesn’t mean she has to be solo. Use feeding times as a chance to catch up on current events and ask her how she's feeling.

    1. Shower Her with Encouragement

    Breastfeeding is no easy task—and she just finished pregnancy and childbirth! Make sure you tell her what a great job she’s doing and how amazed you are at her power.

    1. Take Over Diaper Duty

    Since Mom is the only one who can breastfeed, make diapers your domain.

    1. Help with Feedings

    Ask her to pump a bottle and take a feeding shift! Like middle-of-the-night she can get some rest.

    1. Learn About Breastfeeding

    Read the blogs, skim the books, watch the videos. Make sure she knows you’re on this journey with her even if you can’t take the wheel.

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    Disclaimer: The information on our site is NOT medical advice for any specific person or condition. It is only meant as general information. If you have any medical questions and concerns about your child or yourself, please contact your health provider. Breastmilk is the best source of nutrition for babies. It is important that, in preparation for and during breastfeeding, mothers eat a healthy, balanced diet. Combined breast- and bottle-feeding in the first weeks of life may reduce the supply of a mother's breastmilk and reversing the decision not to breastfeed is difficult. If you do decide to use infant formula, you should follow instructions carefully.