If you thought video sharing app TikTok was just for the young and carefree (read: people who do not have miniature versions of themselves attached to their bodies all day), then you have been missing out. The best viral videos are on TikTok these days, and there is a world of information, laughs, and relatable parenting content right there and ready to indulge. Yes, you read that right: Parents are on TikTok! And you should be, too. 

Our favourite parenting accounts on TikTok tell it straight, whether that is doling out solid advice on how to handle all the highs and lows with little ones (and not-so-little ones!) or just flat out making us 'LOL'. There are school photo hair tutorials, a million cool ways to organise your kiddos’ clothes, community eye-rolls in the direction of angsty teens, and so much more.  

From dance moves and Disney mums to hard stuff and hilariousness, you have got to check out some of the best parents to follow on TikTok. Give yourself a new way to unwind at the end of a long day with the kids, and get started here! 

TikTok Accounts for Relatable Laughs

 TikTok dad BrandonFloyd

Funny TikTok Dads

@brandonfloyd7220Brandon Floyd went viral after his hilarious impersonations of his preteen son hit TikTok. These days, he is still creating content that pokes fun at the middle-and-high school set, but his videos about his younger children bring just as many laughs.  

@fitdadceoDave Ogleton, aka 'FitDad' doles out a perfect balance of 'dad jokes' and deadpan, dry humour about common parenting complaints and moments. His spot-on delivery and wide range of jokes are definitely fine-tuned at home thanks to his six kids. 

TikTok Mums Who Get It

@hotmomma95Relatable mum Kristin Artega sets a lot of her viral mum videos on TikTok to music for added familiarity and giggles. From fighting siblings to messy houses, she knows what you are up against every day and her parenting videos are expertly funny as a result.

@angelalah325This mum earned well over 100K followers on TikTok thanks to sass, grit, and content that tends to hang out in the, 'WTF is going on around here?' arena, which so many parents can relate to. 

TikTok Accounts for Entertainment & Hacks

 Disney-themed TikTok account


Disney Family

@MainStreetFam: Do you and your kids live and breathe Disney? These Passholders pump out informative, funny, and magic content year-round to give you your Parks fix, Disney shopping tips, and themed laughs, too. 

Family Dance Videos

@afrobysara: If your family loves to get up and dance, or just like watching other parents and their kids act silly and have fun together, search TikTok for family dance videos. Sara Karrit and her uber-talented family create fun dance challenges and show off their impressive moves on TikTok with over 600,000 fans and growing.

Top Parenting Hacks

@momlikeaboss: Raising tiny humans can be messy and chaotic. Who knew a couple years ago that TikTok would turn into a mega sharing space where so many of the daily annoyances with kids could be solved? There are lots of mum hack accounts on TikTok. This is one of the best, with frequent posts and plenty of 'Why did I not think of that?' moments for food, learning, outdoor fun, and well beyond.

TikTok Parenting Accounts for Tips & Advice

Screenshot from TikTok parenting account about organizing 


TikTok Accounts for Organising and Cleaning

@smallstuffemily: Let us face it: Keeping your home clean and organised with kids around is a challenge. This mum does it all and simplifies her routines and ideas on TikTok to help parents everywhere declutter, clean up, and get back to the fun.

TikTok Accounts for DIY Projects

@handsonlearningRainy days are no match for the parents of TikTok. This creative mama doles out science experiment ideas, easy arts and crafts projects, and imaginative play concepts to get kids away from the screens and learning while they have fun. The best part? You can do all of it yourself, with her simple-to-follow instructions. 

TikTok Accounts for Reasonable Parenting Advice

@highimpactclubIt is a goal talked about a lot in the parenting forums, and probably in your own text chains. So many of us want to shout less, enjoy more, and basically be gentler on ourselves and our kids. But the day-to-day grind of parenting is tough, and sometimes the super touchy-feely parenting advice is unrelatable and feels judge-y. This mum and dad duo do not sugarcoat things (they have even posted de-escalation of actual meltdowns!), providing their strategies in a clear, empathic way that makes them easier to digest...and to follow. 

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