Have you heard? There’s a new smart soother on the block! SNOObie is an all-in-one white noise machine, nightlight, sleep-trainer…and so much more! Parents can mix and match SNOObie’s light and sound cues to create routines that make bedtimes calmer, sleep sweeter, and wakeups happier. (And with the Happiest Baby App, you can schedule up to four routines at a time!) Here are just a few super-helpful ways to make SNOObie part of your family. 

Ease the crib transition with proven sleep-boosting tracks.

Your baby will love our award-winning SNOO sounds during naps and all through the night. You may recognise SNOObie’s “Rain on the Roof” as the baseline white noise that has been the helping your little one dream peacefully in SNOO—it’s perfect for sleep. Dealing with before-bed fussies? Try Strong Hairdryer or Fast and Vigorous to calm crying. 

Build a better bedtime routine with calm-down cues.

Before bedtime, schedule a 30-minute, wind-down routine. Play your little one’s favorite lullaby (SNOObie gives you four calming melodies to choose from: Brahms' Lullaby, Hush Little Baby, Amazing Grace, and Rock-a Bye Baby), and dim SNOObie’s enchanting coloured light. Consider using warmer coloured lights (like red or orange), which is thought to boost production of melatonin, the snooze-inducing hormone. 

Start your mornings on a brighter note with a Rise & Shine routine.

Keep your early bird in bed until you’re ready for the day by creating a Rise & Shine routine with our green light cue. When it’s time for your routine, SNOObie’s light will glow green to show your tot it’s okay to wake. Level up your morning routine by scheduling an additional yellow light cue 30 minutes earlier. Tell your tyke that they can play quietly in bed when the yellow light turns on, and then, when it turns green, they can leave the room. You can also pair each light cue with one of SNOObie's soundtracks (for example, use Train with your yellow light cue and one of our lullabies with your green cue). 

Encourage mindful breathing.

Magic Breathing is a powerful calm-down technique from Dr. Harvey Karp that can help even the wildest tots quiet their minds and bodies. Teach your child how to use this important tool by inhaling and exhaling along with SNOObie’s Magic Breathing tracks of synchronised light and sounds. Teach it when your tot is calm…but help them practice it in stressful situations. We recommend starting with the Fast Magic Breathing track and working up to the deeper, slower breathing in the Slow Magic Breathing track.

Calm changing table (or anywhere else!) fussies.

Shushing (aka white noise) is an integral part of Dr. Karp’s 5 S’s for calming babies. That’s because this familiar sound mimics the whooshing that serenaded babies in utero. This—along with other womb-like sensations, such as gentle motion and snug swaddling—doesn’t just appeal to a baby’s sense of nostalgia, it also triggers their calming reflex, which helps soothe fussing and aids sleep. As you may have noticed when calming your baby (or when watching SNOO level up in response to crying), the louder babies get, the more intense the white noise needs to be to quell those tears. So, when your wee one wails, try one of these SNOObie tracks (listed from least to most intense): Show Shush, Fast Shush, Strong Hairdryer, or Fast & Vigorous.

Make the dark a little less scary.

SNOObie’s nightlight will keep monsters at bay! Parent pro tip: Use the Happiest Baby app to dim SNOObie’s light or turn it off after a certain time. (For example, you might use SNOObie at full brightness to make your tot feel secure at tuck-in time, but you can set a routine that lowers the light an hour later).

Host an indoor camp out.

Here’s a way to brighten up your next rainy day: Build a blanket fort and turn off the lights. Then, put on SNOObie’s orange light and play “Rain on the Roof” to create a camp-out-like vibe. Cuddle up with your kiddos around the “fire” to read their favorite books (oven-baked s’mores optional!).

Let your tot tell you their faves.

Your tyke will probably quickly have favorite SNOObie soundtracks and colours. So, let them tell you which ones they’d like to use as part of their sleepytime routine. Giving them buy-in helps cut down on bedtime battles. (Just remember, only grownups should actually handle SNOObie!) 

Bring familiar sleep cues anywhere…and everywhere!

Above all, parenthood requires flexibility! SNOObie’s there to help when you need a snoozy soundtrack for a living-room feeding or a comforting nightlight during a visit to Grandma’s. You can count on SNOObie to hold a charge all night long—so you can easily stash it in your diaper or overnight bag!

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