Dads might not always be known as the more emotional parent, but when we polled them on what their favorite parenting moment was it tugged at our heartstrings…we’re not crying, you’re crying. Read their replies below:
  • “When our oldest asks me at the dinner table every night, ‘So Daddy, how was your day?’” — Stratton E. 
  • “My favorite parenting moments are when my children beam with pride based upon their accomplishments.” – Jon S.
  • “Making our baby smile and laugh is my favorite because it’s so contagious.” – Zac I.
  • “One moment when he was six months old and gave me a pat on the back when I was comforting him in the middle of the night. It was like he was saying ‘Good job Dad’.” – Fatmir H.
  • “One of my favorite moments so far was the first time Anna smiled at me because she recognized me and was happy to see me.” – Chris H.
  • “Seeing the baby bump grow.”  @j_uniqueeye
  • “Morning skin to skin cuddles—I’ll miss it when going back to work!” – Mark
  • “I would say rushing home from work and seeing how happy my daughter is to finally see me.” @mx_fuentes
  • “When she said ‘Dada!’ with the biggest smile when I get home from work.” @getzler
  • “Daddy daughter days when I get all of her attention” @cmills25
  • “Seeing my daughter waking up every morning and smiling” @judilin

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