From beautifully diverse dolls and books to thoughtfully made baby care products, shop for high-quality products for your kids—while you support black-owned businesses (how’s that for win-win?).

Toys, Games, Books & Dolls

HarperIman Dolls

These handmade dolls are a precious keepsake your child will cherish their entire life. 

Little Likes Kids

Here you’ll find puzzles, games, and more screen-free activities for kids 6 and under that were designed with inclusivity in mind. 

Brave and Kind Bookshop

You can’t go wrong with any of the picks from Brave and Kind’s thoughtfully chosen selection of diverse books, but if you’re stumped about what to buy, check out their story book bundles and book subscriptions. 

Just Like Me! Box

These subscription boxes are tailored by age and include children’s books that feature Black characters, plus other educational activities.

The Brown Toy Box

These diverse toys and books ignite STEAM-based learning for kids young and old!

The Conscious Kid Book Subscription

A children’s book-of-the-month club featuring diverse stories. 

Kids Swag

Shop a curated collection of products—from baby blankets to backpacks—featuring imagery of Black children. 

The Fresh Dolls

Created by a professor, this diverse line of dolls was designed to inspire Black girls to see just how beautiful their skin is. 

Puzzle Huddle

These kids’ jigsaw puzzles feature diverse illustrations.

Kid and Baby Clothing

KaAn’s Designs

Choose from conversation-starting tees, rompers, totes and more…including matching tee sets for the whole family…and maybe most notably, the viral The Original, The Remix, The Encore, Mic Drop collection.

Tippy Tot Shoes

These hard-bottomed, high-quality kicks are designed to encourage tots to take their first steps.  

Yinibini Baby

Lucky for you, the adorably illustrated handmade organic cotton baby and toddler clothing from the DC-based Yinibini Baby ships across the country! 

Miles and Milan

Miles and Milan's modern, minimalist designs are the perfect staples for little ones of all genders. 

Because of Zoe

These handcrafted hairbows will look adorable adorning your little one’s head. 

Little Muffincakes

This baby boutique celebrates diversity with designs that feature Black faces—in addition to apparel, look for baby blankets, quilts, and even wrapping paper! 

Ozzie + Olive

These splashy tees and totes (which, by the way, make for a chic diaper bag) speak volumes. 

CocoPie Clothing

The rompers, tees, and accessories feature CocoPie’s signature ‘Power in These Puffs’ designs, adorable illustrations that put Black girl representation front and center.

Pint Size Faith

This faith-forward clothing line has a spiritual message to spread.

Baby Products

Pretty Please Teethers

These natural teethers are easy on the gums…and on the eyes! Also check out their boho bibs and dummy-holders (perfect for style-conscious mamas).

Darlyng & Co

Darlyng & Co is a one-stop shop for fabulous kid and baby products! Here, you’ll find everything from unscented, natural skincare products for the whole family to adorable clothing to their signature teething mitt


Shop fair trade baby and kid lotions, shampoos, body wash, and more (plus body, face and hair products for grownups too!).  Even better, when you buy Alaffia products, you support the Alaffia Foundation, an organisation that empowers African communities.

Shine Cloth

Fashion, meet function: Shine’s cloth diapers get lots of style points…but they’ll keep your little one’s bum dry too.

For Mums

The Stork Bag

The perfect gift for expecting mamas, The Stork Bag is a reusable gift bag packed with curated items for each part of your pregnancy journey (there’s one for each trimester!). 


Loom works to empower all families with information ranging from sexual health and fertility to pregnancy and parenting. Check out their virtual classes and support groups.


Becoming a mum is a huge transition in a woman’s life—and this skincare brand for the modern mum was created with that in mind.

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