Baby slings and baby carriers offer us a delicious closeness with our little bugs, and they leave our hands free for other jobs. Babies, of course, adore being enveloped in the rich presence of our warmth, scent, movement, touch and sound! And, a 1986 Canadian study found that carrying babies for 3 hours a day (in parents’ arms or a sling) reduced fussing by 43%! What’s not to love?

However, if you decide to wear your baby, just be sure to do it safely...

Safe Baby Wearing Tips

  • Buy a sling that’s not too deep. Your baby should sit high enough for you to see his face. (Babies can suffocate if allowed to sink into the bottom of the bag.)
  • Support your infant’s back and chin: If your baby’s face falls forward, toward his chest, it may be hard for him to breathe or cry for help.
  • Prevent falling: Hold your little one snugly enough so that he can’t slide out.
  • Avoid hot food: Never carry your baby when you’re handling hot food or liquids.


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