So, your vacation is coming up and the whole family is excited! But...don't forget that you have a very curious crawler or toddler on your hands that could get into some serious trouble. Hotel rooms and Airbnb’s aren't exactly known for being "babyproofed." Check out the top tips from Dr. Karp on how to keep your baby or toddler safe in any setting.

10 Tips to Babyproof your Hotel or Airbnb

  1. Get on all fours! Yes, you…like your baby!  Crawl around the floor to find hidden choking risks (staples, plastic bits, buttons, coins, etc.). 

  2. Now, pull off any sofa cushions and search for more choking hazards.

  3. Cover over all-electric outlets with little outlet stoppers or paper medical tape (buy this at any drug store) Note: Don’t let your child see you do this…or she will crawl right up to it and rip it off.

  4. Now, pull on everything! Make sure your toddler can't yank over heavy furniture, drawers, lamps, TVs, etc.

  5. Hide all dangling cords (like curtain pulls) that your child might wrap around his neck.

  6. Put a cotton ball (secured with another piece of paper bandage tape) over any sharp furniture corners or hard metal/brick edges.

  7. Check out where the fire extinguishers are placed (and that they are charged) and plan an exit strategy, in case of fire.

  8. If you are going to stay in a high-rise building, before you go you might want to invest in smoke hoods. They go over the head to prevent smoke inhalation (the biggest killer in fires).

  9. Bring some ibuprofen (excellent for fevers and pains for children over 6 months).

  10. Have the phone number and location of a local doctor and hospital. (Ask your doctor, family, and friends for recommendations before you leave.)

Watch a Video About How to Baby/Toddler Proof Your Vacation

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