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    This review is from: The Happiest Toddler on the Bl (DVD) Excellent book. Very helpful. To get anything out of it, you will have to commit to using the methods, not just reading about them. Read a chapter, practice, read the next chapter, practice some more. I’ve read through the book several times, and will probably continue to go back to it until my son is 4 (now 2.) They are easy methods. They work like crazy. But, I have been exposed to violence and yelling my whole life and have to re-program my automatic behavior. (My kid will not have this problem! That is a real miracle.) Eventually, the effective stuff becomes your new automatic reaction/behavior (with consistent practice/repetition.) It’s like parenting “kung-fu” … parent-fu?… without the hitting. I also *strongly* suggest every new parent read the author’s other book: Happiest Baby on the Block. It’s fantastic – not just for the child, but will allow you to keep your sanity & health, etc. It will make you a happier parent. The 2 books would make a perfect baby shower gift for anyone. Tamie

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